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The Care Collaborative

Danfloor have joined with Teal Furniture and Panaz to form the Care Collaborative and together our aim is to help “Create safe, beautiful & comfortable spaces for those who live and work in care”.

As product manufacturers to the healthcare sector, we understand the importance of creating safe, secure and homely environments for those that live and work within care settings.

As a result, we have founded the Care Collaborative, a group of like-minded product manufacturers who together have over 100 years of experience of designing, producing and supplying products into healthcare settings.

Together with Panaz and Teal, we have engineered our range of products to include innovative features which have been tried and tested across the industry and are proven to withstand the demands of day to day life.

As a collaborative, we are well-positioned to offer advice and guidance for the design and fit-out of all healthcare environments. With our Associate Members, we aim to provide current and educational information and advice to ensure your care environment provides a therapeutic, clean and safe home and workplace.

Sign up for our first live event on the 28th of January which will be chaired by Diana Celella and hear how our products can help to create safe, beautiful & comfortable care settings.

To find out more details about the event check out our Newsletter or view our range of Healthcare Carpets to find out more about our product range.


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