danfloor has designed and manufactured a range of leisure and hospitality carpets that have performance characteristics suitable for a number of flooring applications in a variety of locations including hotels, restaurants and sports centres.

Creating that “look” is key within the leisure and hospitality sectors. Combining colour and texture with performance and longevity is key. Danfloor have pulled together a range of on-trend hospitality carpets which are ideal for the leisure sector.

That luxurious feel is just as important as the look and our ranges, which are combined with the most appropriate backings, create that soft underfoot feeling. Carpets are also natural heat insulators and fantastic at creating acoustically sound environments which is ideal for busy social settings.

It is also important to consider the cleanliness of your flooring options and whether they provide any protection against bacterial contamination and fungal growth, which is one of the main causes of flooring odour.

A number of the danfloor ranges include Bi-Ome®, a permanent antimicrobial coating on the carpet fibres. Bi-Ome® provides a permanent barrier against microbes and inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, which are the major causes of cross-contamination.

Bi-Ome® provides a 4 log reduction of 99.99% against a whole list of microorganisms including the bacteria that causes MRSA and C-Diff and is important for anyone who is using carpet within the leisure and hospitality sector. You can find out more about the Bi-Ome® treatment and how it works by reading our Bi-Ome® guide

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