In addition to the modern designs and a diverse colour bank, danfloor offers exceptionally hardwearing carpets due to some impressive and innovative performance features.

Our carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a high-performance flooring solution with a number of practical and functional benefits which ensure your flooring solution is built to last.

With the introduction of strict building regulations, health and safety guidelines and CQC requirements, flooring solutions need to work a lot harder for a building.

Our hardwearing carpets offer innovative product features, including branded yarns, antimicrobial yarn coatings and innovative backings, which is why we believe our carpets are superior to others you may find on the market.

As manufacturers, we have complete control over the product development process and ensure the highest standards of production are adhered to at all times. We also listen carefully to our customers and try where we can to incorporate features and colours into our ranges so they continue to meet your high standards.

We also offer a number of services to help with your product specifications. Our CPD's help you gain a greater understanding of our product offering and the benefits that carpet can bring to an installation and our product certification provides assurance that our carpets meet all necessary industry standards and recommendations.

Many of our carpets have received BRE certification and full details of our Eco Point Scores and ratings can be found on our BRE page or you can refer to the Green Book Live for more information.

Carpet Yarn

Carpet fibre determines the quality of a carpet. The fibre influences many aspects such as surface structure, colour and feel as well as the functional benefits including resilience to wear, colour fastness and soil and stain resistance.



An antimicrobial carpet provides the first line of defence against the spread of infection, which is particularly important with the use of carpets within healthcare facilities, schools, hospitality and other institutions where there is a need for treatments or cleaning agents which assist with infection prevention and control.



Applying the correct carpet backing is important as this can influence the longevity and stability of a carpet.



We have RIBA approved CPD material available to help you continue your professional development


Bre Certification

The BRE Environmental Assessment Method is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. BRE Certification sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design and has become the de facto measure used to describe a building’s environmental performance.