Creating a domestic and therapeutic environment within a care setting is essential and carpet plays a key role in this. Carpet not only helps to reduce stress related behaviours but also helps to reduce injuries as a result of falls and should therefore be considered as part of any design specification within a care home setting.

The carpet fibre plays an important role in achieving this which is why our healthcare carpets are made from the finest quality yarns.

The Equinox collection incorporates the Prism™ fibre, a solution dyed polypropylene yarn which is hard wearing and minimises the effects of visual soiling.

The Econyl yarn used to create the Economix range is an important factor contributing to the integrity and resilience of the carpet and goes a long way in determining the overall performance of the product. The Econyl fibres used to make the Economix range result in a carpet designed to perform in the most demanding environments and is able to withstand high levels of traffic and heavy contact along with intensive commercial cleaning.

All our healthcare carpets are backed with either danfloor's Aqua Bac or Ti Backing, both of which are impervious and provide complete protection against sub floor contamination and surface liquid penetration.

All the products within the healthcare carpet collection also incorporate Bi-Ome® a permanent antimicrobial coating on the carpet fibres. Bi-Ome® provides a permanent barrier against microbes and inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, which are the major causes of cross contamination and odour.

When designing our products we take into consideration all the needs of customers which is why many of our healthcare carpets are suitable for use within dementia friendly facilities. The Dementia Services Development Centre at Stirling University have reviewed Equinox, Tones, Evolve and Economix and have accredited them all as suitable for use within dementia inclusive environments.