Equinox Inspiration Mood board

To celebrate Equinox, the first day of Spring, we thought we'd pull together an inspirational mood board featuring several colours from our Equinox range.

Taking pride of place is one of our newest shades, Basil (7) from our Equinox Tones range, you will see how this sits exceptionally well with Sage (6) from Equinox Connect and Mushroom (5) also from Equinox Tones. The harmonious blend of Basil and Sage, both boasting fresh green tones, along with Sage's fusion with Mushroom, offers a captivatingly coordinated palette for your space.

Transitioning from the floor to the walls, we explore the delightful spring-inspired shades curated by Crown Paints. On the left side of the board, Sow Good (1), Work of Art (2), and Soft Scribbles (3) further enrich the lush tones, while One of a Kind (10), Poetry (11), and Winter Cherry (12) introduce compelling contrasts.

These captivating colours seamlessly integrate with Panaz fabrics, such as Flare in colour 648 Fig (4) and Langley in colour 266 Emerald Blush (13), effectively bridging the floor and wall palettes. For the finishing touch, consider incorporating complementary tones like Aston in colour 813 Linen (8) and the Luxe Performance Velvet in 609 Rose (9), also from Panaz, to elevate the overall scheme.

Can you envision incorporating this captivating palette into your next project?


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