The Benefits of Solution Dyed Carpets

You may have noticed that a number of our carpets are made with solution-dyed fibres, but what does this mean and what are the benefits of selecting a carpet that’s solution-dyed over one that has been dyed via another, more traditional method, such as printed or piece dyed?

More traditional methods of dying fibres involve producing the fibre first and then adding the colour to the fibre, either via a dying or printing process.

The solution-dyed process involves adding colour when the fibres are initially formed. Solution-dyed fibres have colour pigments added directly into the polymers at the initial stage of production. This means that when the fibre is extruded it is already the desired colour.

To put it more plainly picture a radish and a carrot. The solution-dyed fibre is like the carrot; where if you cut into the carrot the colour is on the outside and inside. Whereas the radish is like a fibre that has been dyed via another method, where the colour is only on the outside and if you were to cut through the middle, it would be white inside.

The benefits of solution-dyed yarns

With solution-dyed fibres, the colour is effectively locked in. Carpets made from such fibres are therefore very resistant to fading, colour bleeding and staining. As a result, solution-dyed carpet is a great choice for any area that will be subjected to a lot of light and commercial cleaning methods using harsh chemicals.

Another benefit is that the carpets are more stain-resistant. Carpets that are dyed via other means often contain empty dye sites. These are small parts of the fibre where the dye hasn’t quite penetrated the yarn. When this happens, spillages are easily absorbed by the empty dye sites, making them difficult to remove and ultimately leaving stains behind.

Solution-dyed carpets don’t have empty dye sites, which makes it difficult for soil and stains to adhere themselves to the fibre, therefore making them more stain-resistant.

In addition, some traditional dying methods are laborious and require a lot of chemicals and additives, solution-dyed yarns help the environment as they save on water and energy usage and the chemicals used are also eco-friendly and cost-effective.

With the number of solution-dyed fibres now available the colour and design possibilities are endless with solution-dyed carpets, making them a great choice for busy commercial installations from healthcare to education, offices and hospitality.


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