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Our new RIBA approved CPD

We are very pleased to announce that we have just received RIBA approval for our second CPD presentation which looks at using carpet to improve learning and living environments within the Education Sector.

Covering the Core curriculum subjects of  Design, Construction and Technology and offering a General Awareness knowledge level the presentation should provide you with information to appreciate the importance of carpet specification within education facilities including student accommodation and boarding facilities.

On completion of the presentation you should understand what elements need to be considered to create optimum learning conditions and relaxing living environments. You should also understand that carpet isn’t a costly flooring option when you look at the finer details. Finally it looks at the different types of yarn composition and backing available to you and how you can compare products which may look the same but may not ultimately perform in the same way, or last as long. Resulting in the ability to specify a carpet which is suitable for use within a variety of environments within the education sector.

To book your presentation, to be held either remotely or within your office, please email or call 0333 014 3132




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