Energy Saving Carpets

Our impact on the environment and climate change is a major issue and a key focus as we try to find ways of reducing our effect on the world around us. So do you know the benefits energy-saving carpets can bring to your home and wallet?

Anthropogenic climate change is due to pollution of the atmosphere by greenhouse gases and other contaminants and is now regarded as one of the major global environmental issues. Therefore, we all must take small steps to improve our environmental footprint.

The Facts

According to the National Energy Foundation, the average British home loses 10% of its heat through uninsulated floors. In combination with an inbuilt cushioned backing or underlay, a good-quality carpet can provide sufficient insulation to prevent 15 times as much heat escaping as the same thickness of standard fibreglass floor insulation.

This is why we call them energy saving carpets as carpets can significantly reduce energy costs in heating and cooling, which has a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

How does carpet reduce energy costs?

It's simple really, carpet fibres are natural insulators with low heat conduction values. In addition, the surface pile of carpet with its millions of tiny fibres traps air and further increases its thermal insulation. An average carpet carries an R-value — the measure of resistance to heat flow through a material — of around 0.18 per cm, which is significantly higher than hard surface floors.

Even if the temperature in a room is a few degrees cooler than average, a carpeted room will provide an optical impression of warmth and will psychologically make people feel cosier and more comfortable.

Furthermore, as a result of the use of carpet, a room may also require less heating than that of a room with a hard surface, which will also reduce energy costs and consumption.

Energy and cost savings from the installation of carpet can be realised from the day it’s fitted and at a time when many of us are conscious of making not just financial savings but more energy-efficient decisions, it’s not surprising that carpet is the perfect choice for your floors.

Why not take a look at our carpet collections and see which one will work for your next project


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