Carpet – The Popular Choice

Carpet has always been a solid feature within the home and commercial environment. However, there was a time particularly within residential settings, that laminate and hard flooring options became quite popular.

Having said that, with the technical advancements in carpet production, the introduction of innovative product features and the use of various sustainable fibres carpets are a popular choice once again.

As a carpet manufacturer, we know the many benefits carpets can bring to the home and residential settings and here are several reasons why Carpets are such a popular choice.

#1 Added Warmth

We all know that feeling when we wake up and first step foot on the floor or have been snuggled on the sofa and get up to grab something from the kitchen; any cold feeling underfoot can cause a shiver down your spine.

According to the National Energy Foundation, the average British home loses 10% of its heat through uninsulated floors. When a good quality carpet is combined with either an inbuilt cushioned backing or underlay it can provide sufficient insulation to prevent 15 times as much heat escaping as the same thickness of standard fibreglass floor insulation.


So carpet not only helps you feel warmer but helps with the loss of energy from your home and a reduction in energy bills. A win-win situation!

#2 Less sterile and greater sound absorption

Not only does carpet add warmth it creates a textured finished to the floor which makes the room look less sterile and stark. This is extremely important especially within residential care settings and mental health facilities where that home from home feeling helps to create a therapeutic and comfortable environment.

Hard surface floorings aren’t as good at absorbing noise and can create an echo. This makes it difficult for those with hearing impairments and living with dementia to filter our unwanted sounds, which may contribute to a decline in their ability to communicate effectively with others.

#3 Natural fibre choice

Carpets are manufactured using lots of different yarn types and materials these days from recycled synthetic fibre to wool, providing a choice and different functional benefits depending upon your needs.

house builder carpet

Natural materials, such as wool, are a great alternative to hard flooring as it still provides an organic feel to your floor, but with added comfort underfoot.

#4 Highly designed

Interior design is a way of adding your personality to your home so why not go bold with a statement floor finish. They are many designs, colours and textures available when it comes to carpet and a bold design can help you create a stylish and coordinated finish with the rest of the textiles and furniture within your interior scheme.

If you’re worried about overloading your scheme with too many colours and patterns you can keep other finishes plain and allow the floor to grab people’s attention.

#5 Plains are great too

If you like your textiles, walls and furniture to be highly designed then you may wish to select a more subtle finish for your floor.

Also, if you like to change your design scheme often it may be best to keep the floor more neutral. That way you can mix and match different textile designs and finishes without having to uplift and change the carpet as well.

#6 Stripes can add a different dimension

Stripes are a great design for carpets especially when you want something in between maximalist and minimalist.

Stripes can make smaller rooms appear longer or wider and are a great feature on stairways and landings.

#7 Plaids – Traditional yet trendy

Carpet incorporating a plaid design adds depth to a space, is perfect for almost any room and offers a perfect grid for laying out furniture. Plus it looks fantastic too!

#8 Layering

Don’t just think rugs are for hard surface floors. There is nothing wrong with adding a rug to a carpeted floor. It can help add another dimension to your interior finish and uplift and modernize more neutral coloured carpets. Rugs are also easy to change as and when you update your interior scheme.

Just make sure not to create a trip hazard for anyone who may not be too stable on their feet.

#9 Carpets on stairs

Having a carpet on your stairs is great for many reasons. We all know that sound when one of your kids or partner runs up and down the stairs, it often sounds like you have an elephant in the house! Carpet not only helps to absorb the sound of people's movements on the stairs but also helps provide a soft landing should accidents occur.

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Here's a quick summary of why carpets are a popular choice.


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