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A wool carpet offers more than just comfort

The new Nordform range introduces a variety of Scandinavian style carpets designed for commercial office environments to the danfloor collection. Within the range is a collection of wool carpets which bring with them many natural performance features.

Wool Classic, Ribs, Square and Lines are manufactured with an 80/20 mix of wool and polyamide Nylon 6.6 which makes them not only pleasing to touch but also strong and static resistant.

Wool, as a material, brings with it many superior performance features including:

Strong and Resilient – The natural crimp of wool offers unique resilience and long lasting durability. Its natural bounce back means pile compression, tracking and shading are all reduced.

Fire Retardant - Wool is naturally fire resistant, has a slow ignition rate and is self-extinguishing. It therefore meets many safety regulations without additional treatments.

Easy Care – Wool has a natural inbuilt resistance to soiling due its natural oils and its outer surface of microscopic scales.

Soft and Warm – Wool carpets add a touch of luxury and comfort but also act as an insulator, improving heat retention and energy efficiency, whilst also being able to absorb sound and cushion a room against sound reverberation.

Find out more about the functional benefits of a wool carpet by viewing the collection or contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.


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