Applying the correct carpet backing is important as this can influence the longevity and stability of a carpet.

Most carpets are tufted or punched through one backing with a series of needles. The backing that you see is the secondary backing used to “sandwich” the fibre between the primary and secondary backing using a latex glue.

High quality backing is essential to the performance and durability of a carpet. It enables heavy wear without deterioration.

At danfloor we ensure the backing type is suitable for it's intended use. A number of our commercial and Nordform carpets come in a choice of backings so you can be confident your backing is fit for purpose.



Manufactured to conform to the latest standards in impermeability, Aqua Bac impervious affords the consumer unparalleled assurance against sub-floor contamination.

Situated beneath the carpet substrate and above the latex foam backing the impervious membrane has been engineered to allow sub-floor moisture evaporation via the latex foam backing whilst preventing surface liquid penetration.

Suitable for use with under floor heating systems the Aqua Bac backing acts as a non thermal insulator, reduces sound impact levels and provides a cost effective built in cushioned underlay.



‘Ti’ textile impervious backing is very similar to our Aqua Bac but has a textile finish as opposed to a foam backing.

Ti Impervious provides protection against sub-floor contamination. The impervious membrane has been designed to allow sub-floor moisture evaporation whilst preventing surface liquid penetration. danfloor’s textile backing enhances performance resulting in a robust carpet which is able to withstand high levels of traffic, heavy contact and intense commercial cleaning with no loss in colour or appearance.



danfloor offer a number of backings on our Commercial and Nordform collections including:

KT Bac – Condensed Latex Backing

TD Bac – Textile Backing

Textile Backing – A woven textile Backing

Bitumen Backing – Our Tile Backing

Each of the backings have features and benefits which suit their intended use. For more information on the best backing for your installation contact your Area Representative.



The TF Bac by danfloor is a non-imperious backing for any application requiring a traditional installation using gripper and underlay.

TF Bac can be installed on all types of subfloor including stairways. For more information about TF Bac and where the use of this backing is suitable contact your Area Representative.