The use of carpets within healthcare facilities, schools, hospitality and other institutions demonstrates the need for treatments or cleaning agents which assist with infection prevention and control. An antimicrobial carpet, therefore, provides the first line of defence against the spread of infection.

danfloor believe it’s important to invest time and money into discovering new products which assist with the elimination of such bacterial, viral and fungal growth, which can lead to outbreaks such as MRSA.


Bi-Ome® is a revolutionary technology that guarantees optimum freshness and hygiene for textiles even after intensive use and frequent commercial cleaning.

Bi-Ome®  is a non-migrating antimicrobial coating on the carpet fibres which kills the micro-organisms when they come into contact with the fibre. Bi-Ome® doesn’t lose strength over time and creates an environment which microorganisms can’t adapt to.

Bi-Ome® is important for anyone needing to eliminate odours and increase health protection. It is ideal for sectors where carpeting is used near or around food and drink, such as in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.


  • 4 log reduction of 99.99% in the presence of harmful micro-organisms including the likes of MRSA and C-Diff.
  • It’s been tested on enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 which is within the same family of viruses as COVID-19, and has demonstrated that it enhances the deactivation of viruses, on textile products.
  • Long lasting freshness.
  • Eliminates the smells created by yeast, fungus and bacteria in carpets.
  • Controls or eliminates microbial staining.
  • Eliminates dust mites.
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination.

The Bi-Ome® certification stands for over 30 years of superior technical performance in medical goods, consumer products and indoor environments where safety and performance are paramount.

Universally recognised as the best antimicrobial of choice for a variety of uses, it has been tested by the L’Institute Pasteur de Lile and is accepted by regulatory bodies globally. Most importantly, it has been embraced by consumers who have purchased Bi-Ome® protected products from retailers all over the world.

A carpet protected with Bi-Ome® shows consumers that, not only are you using an antimicrobial agent within your finishing products but that you are using the most advanced antimicrobial on the market today.

For more information please download our BIOME Guide