St Mary's Music Lounge

St Mary's Riverside

St Mary’s Riverside is a 61 bed residential and dementia care home offering personal-centered care. As part of the Hull based community residents can continue to do the things they love with the support and care of staff.


St Mary’s aimed to create a beautiful home that encourages independence and allows residents to continue to enjoy their everyday routines with care and support when required. Due to the varying levels of care required by the residents, it was necessary to engage an interior designer with experience in creating environments suitable for staff and residents, including those with dementia.

Having worked with Hiedi Lazenby of Hiedi Lazenby Design on three other homes within the group, St Mary’s drew upon Hiedi’s
knowledge and expertise to create interior schemes for the whole home.


Hiedi set out to design coordinating schemes that would provide the best environment for all who live and work at St Mary’s. Design and colour were key considerations, but so to was the practicality and cleanability of the products specified by Hiedi.

With schemes required for resident and staff en-suite bedrooms, lounges, corridors, a foyer area and staff offices Hiedi needed to specify a flooring solution that could be used in a coordinated way throughout the home. The 50 standard en-suite rooms have a choice of 4 different colour schemes so the carpet had to complement each of the designs. Therefore a selection of shades from Equinox Tones was chosen including Autumn Dusk, Mushroom, Modern Grey and French Mustard.

In addition, there were three main lounges including a music and garden lounge with terraces, a reception area and multiple corridors that required high-performance flooring solutions that coordinate with the schemes, are easy to clean, maintain and aid with infection control procedures.

To help minimise the tracking in of dirt from outside Hiedi specified danfloor’s Trin Step Entrance Matting system which provides the home with a proactive approach to cleaning and maintenance of all adjacent flooring.

The Equinox Collection not only offers a choice of designs and colours but superior performance and fantastic product features including an antimicrobial yarn treatment and soil and stain repellent yarns.

The Collection has also been awarded the Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Quality which assures that the products have low emissions and contribute to a healthy indoor environment.


“My favourite room is the music lounge that has a balcony overlooking the Humber Bridge. I combined Equinox Tones Modern Grey with geometric wallpaper accent walls and bespoke seating to give this room a luxurious feel,” Hiedi Lazenby Interior Designer.


The design schemes create an opulent yet homely feel to St Mary’s, providing an environment which certainly offers the best care, the best life and the best environment. The interior schemes play a big part in offering a therapeutic environment and the Equinox Collection offers the following innovative product features:

  • Antimicrobial yarn treatment – Equinox includes Bi-Ome®, an innovative antimicrobial treatment designed to kill harmful bacteria, including those that can cause MRSA and E-coli. It has also proven its effectiveness against SARS-COV-2.
  • Durability – The Collection comes in a variety of pile weights providing you with options for all locations from high traffic areas to bedrooms.
  • Appearance retention – Manufactured using solution-dyed polypropylene yarn, the collection offers a locked-in colourfast system that ensures superior colour and light-fastness even when subject to harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Stain Resistant Yarn – The solution-dyed fibre repels acid stains, minimising their chemical adhesion, and keeping your investment looking good for longer.
  • Spill safe– The Equinox Collection has an integral protective membrane, preventing liquid spills from penetrating the subfloor, reducing contamination, fungal growth and unpleasant odours.
  • Naturally sound-absorbent – danfloor carpets have outstanding sound absorption qualities, achieving more than 28dB reduction in sound impact levels, which creates a “therapeutic environment” where people can relax and communicate effectively.
  • DSDC Accreditation – The majority of the Equinox Collection has been approved by Stirling University’s Dementia Services Development Centre for use within dementia inclusive environments.
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