New Lodge, New Earswick

New Lodge offers 105 one- and two-bedroom Extra Care Apartments in addition to a 46-bed residential care home. These carefully, well designed and flexible spaces mean residents can live independently and safely, with the peace of mind that they can stay in their own home even if their needs change.

As a result of its innovative design principals, New Lodge has won Gold Award – Interior Design – Healthcare category at the 2020 Muse Creative Awards, which is an International Design Award.


Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT), working closely with Wates, set out to build a new extra care village in the original Garden Village of New Earswick. This new community initiative will not only see the development of specialist care facilities, but will also bring improvements in the wider village, including new public spaces for play, leisure and sport.

JRHT, with the professional guidance of Interior Designer Diana Celella from The Drawing Room Interiors, wanted to maintain a link to nature, especially with the setting being within the original garden village, by incorporating a Biophilic design approach. In addition, JRHT also wished to obtain Stirling Gold for the care setting by applying Stirling Universities recommendations and principles throughout the scheme.

Therefore, carpets were an essential part of the overall design scheme, with special consideration being given to the flooring colours Light Reflectance Values (LRV’S).


New Lodge offers high quality accommodation with superb on-site facilities, including: guest rooms, laundry facilities and communal dining and lounge areas, giving all residents an opportunity to enjoy the company of family, friends and other residents.

A selection of colours from the Equinox Tones collection were selected for the reception and lounge areas to compliment the overall design schemes and to provide a suitable flooring solution for the circulation areas.

French Blue was specifically selected for the bedrooms, not only for its natural colour which sits well with the Biophilic design approach, but also as it’s LRV sat well with the adjoining wet rooms and offered a smooth transition from the bedroom to the bathroom.

French Blue was specifically selected for the bedrooms because it’s LRV sat well with the adjoining wet rooms and offered a smooth transition from the bedroom to bathroom.


New Lodge is finished to an exceptionally high standard and meets the needs of all its residents through the carefully considered design scheme implemented by Diana Celella. The Equinox Tones collection provides the following key benefits:

  • DSDC Accredited Collection – All the colours within the TONES collection received approval from Stirling Universities DSDC team; gaining either a 1a, flooring which can be used indiscriminately and 1b, flooring that can generally be used throughout a property designed for those with dementia.
  • Appearance Retention – Manufactured using a solution dyed polypropylene yarn, EQUINOX TONES offers a locked in colourfast system, which ensures superior colour and light-fastness even when subject to harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Spill Safe – EQUINOX TONES have an integral protective impervious membrane, preventing liquid spills penetrating through to the sub floor, reducing contamination, fungal growth and unpleasant odours.
  • Antimicrobial yarn treatment – The EQUINOX Collection has been developed to include BI-OME’s innovative antimicrobial treatment which offers a 4-log reduction (99.99%) and is designed to kill harmful bacteria including those that can cause MRSA and E-coli.
  • Naturally Sound absorbent – danfloor carpets have great sound absorption qualities, achieving in excess of 28dB reduction in sound impact levels, which helps to create a “therapeutic environment” in which people can relax.


To find out more visit the JRHT Website

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