Fairfax Manor

Fairfax Manor is a bespoke, purpose-built, luxury care home situated in the beautiful borough of Harrogate, offering the highest quality residential, dementia and respite care.


Fairfax Manor offers a luxury living environment with exceptional care, all with a homely feel. The home offers a range of outstanding state-of-the-art facilities which are accessible to all. Lovett Care’s focus is to support older people to continue to live an active and enriched life, regardless of their needs and this new home provides this with compassion and dignity.

Fairfax Manor, a purpose-built 90-bed care home, epitomises Lovett’s Care Aims by seamlessly blending opulence with functionality.

Designed by TDA Architects and Interiors by Bernard Interiors, the interiors aim to captivate residents and visitors while ensuring a secure, inclusive environment. When doors opened in February 2024, the commitment to person-centered care within a luxurious yet homely atmosphere was paramount.

The home offers residents an array of choices, from exquisite lounges for socialising to intimate corners for relaxation. Culinary experiences are elevated in a decadent dining room and charming bistro, complemented by a dedicated cinema for nostalgic moments. Ensuite bedrooms, opening to landscaped gardens, provide sanctuaries of luxury, completing the vision of an elevated quality of life at Fairfax Manor.


Bernard Interiors faced the challenge of developing a cohesive and multi-functional interior scheme for Fairfax Manor, aiming to achieve both beauty and practicality. Their brief included creating an elegant space that not only makes a striking first impression but also prioritises safety, inclusivity, and usability for both residents and staff. When it came to flooring and carpeting, Lovett Care turned to danfloor for a solution that not only promised performance and easy maintenance but also offered a diverse range of carpets to fulfil their design aspirations.

For communal areas like corridors, dining rooms, and lounges, the Geo Form from the Evolution Collection was strategically paired with Equinox Tones, resulting in a visually stunning border effect. Equinox Tones was specifically chosen for residents’ bedrooms to create warm and cosy environments conducive to rest and relaxation, aligning seamlessly with the overarching design objectives.

“The scheme seeks to reflect the history and story of Harrogate whilst providing a Home interior that is tailored to the residents and supports their needs, and enhances their wellbeing.”


Fairfax Manor boasts exquisite design, instantly evoking a “wow” factor upon entry. Wendy Westbury Sales and Marketing Director explained “The scheme seeks to reflect the history and story of Harrogate whilst providing a Home interior that is tailored to the residents and supports their needs, and enhances their wellbeing.” The Home takes immense pride in the meticulously curated design and thoughtfully chosen products that contribute to a purpose-built environment. Within the Equinox and Evolution Collection, key features are seamlessly integrated to enhance the overall experience:

  • Extreme durability– The Evolution Collection is certified to British Standard classification 33 “Heavy Commercial Use” enabling it to withstand high volumes of foot and wheeled traffic and intense commercial cleaning. Making Geo Form the perfect choice for the busy communal areas.
  • Antimicrobial yarn treatment– Both the Equinox Tones and the Evolution Collections include Bi-Ome®, an innovative permanent antimicrobial treatment that is designed to kill harmful bacteria including those that can cause MRSA and C. Diff.
  • Spill safe– All of the selected carpets have an integral protective membrane, preventing liquid spills from penetrating through to the subfloor, reducing contamination, fungal growth, and unpleasant odours.
  • Naturally Sound absorbent– danfloor carpets have great sound absorption qualities, achieving more than 28dB reduction in sound impact levels, which helps to create a “therapeutic environment” in which people can relax and communicate effectively.
  • Appearance Retention– Manufactured using solution dyed Nylon and Polypropylene yarns, both the Evolution and Equinox Collection offer a locked-in colourfast system that ensures superior colour and light-fastness even when subject to harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Reduction in fall injuries – carpet, when compared with vinyl, can reduce injuries caused by trips and falls. It has also been proven that gait speed and step length are greater in older people walking on carpeted areas than when walking on vinyl.
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