Bure Park Specialist Academy

Bure Park Specialist Academy is for boys aged 5-16 years of age with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. This is the first new special school to open as part of Norfolk County Council’s SEND Transformation Project.


Bure Park, designed in collaboration with NPS Property Consultants and Norfolk County Council, provides several residential places for students and occupies the former Alderman Swindell Primary School site.

The school aims through its curriculum to provide a caring, stimulating, academically driven environment, where student achievement and confidence are paramount. It pledges to do this by reducing learning barriers, increasing knowledge, teaching positive behaviour, reflective thinking and understanding, and building self-esteem. Bure Park has impressive facilities and space with highly experienced, skilled and committed staff. There are 14 classrooms, practical teaching and learning spaces, communal halls, a multi-purpose hall, a library and full kitchen and dining facilities. There are also three residential blocks of accommodation for up to 36 pupils.


The interior was carefully designed to support the nature of the cohort with considered use of colour, flexible furniture and comforting break-out spaces that can adapt to suit the special needs of the pupils

The specification was developed by NPS Property Consultants, closely with the client, Norfolk County Council and the Academy to ensure that additional robustness and safety aspects, to suit the needs of the pupils attending, were balanced with a home-from-home environment for the residential units.

Danfloor’s Equinox Collection was installed within the 3 residential blocks with each block having 12 bedrooms and 2 lounges. Natural colours were chosen to provide a homely feel and then brighter colours were used to define each block. Stefanie Partington Associate Interior Design from NPS Property Consultants explains “As designers Danfloor’s Equinox collection met our performance requirements perfectly. We have seen firsthand this project the benefit of its behaviour in a challenging environment. Equinox has proved to be a robust product meeting our performance specification need for an impervious backed product, it has provided a domestic/homely feel but with the commercial durability needed for the setting”

As designers Danfloor's Equinox collection met our performance requirements perfectly. We have seen firsthand this project the benefit of its behaviour in a challenging environment.


Bure Park Specialist Academy has not only reached full capacity since opening but has also achieved a good rating for its firstever residential Ofsted Inspection. Ofsted inspectors described Bure Park as “inspirational and determined in promoting positive experiences for children” with “bespoke” resources to promote learning in and out of the classroom.

The school was also described as having created “a constructive child-focused culture that promotes children’s best interests and achievements”. The Equinox Collection helps the residential blocks to achieve
such high standards by offering:

  • Bi-Ome® – a permanent antimicrobial yarn treatment which achieves a 99.99% kill rate for micro-organisms when they come into contact with the fibre and has been proven effective against Covid-19
  • Soil and Stain resistant – Made from the Prism™ fibre which enhances the colour of the carpet and minimises the effects of visual soiling
  • Naturally Sound absorbent – The Equinox Collection achieves a 29 dB reduction of transmitted impact noise, which helps to create an acoustically sound atmosphere where the students can relax.
  • Spill Save – Has an impervious backing which stops surface spills from reaching the subfloor and helps with the easy removal of any liquid spills and cleaning.

Photography by Sarah Toon Photography

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