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Why are lounge carpets so important?

Lounges should offer a comfortable space for relaxation and in a communal living environment a place for social interaction. Lounges should be warm and inviting, somewhere you’d like to spend an extended amount of time.

Lounge Carpets

The whole look and feel of a lounge will determine whether residents use this communal space as a place to sit and relax, read a book or talk to others and the carpets play an important role in the design scheme of a lounge area.

Thermal Insulation

Lounge carpets don’t just provide a psychologically warm feeling they actually provide thermal insulation, by retaining warm air and making a room feel cosy and inviting. The elderly often feel the cold therefore a warm, inviting room, to sit and socialise in can provide many therapeutic benefits.

Sound Absorption

In lounges that have televisions or radios or where many people are speaking, it can quickly become noisy and the lounge carpet can help to absorb these sounds. The carpets within our healthcare collection come with a cushioned backing which reduces noise even further. As a result, the carpet works as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block sound transmission to rooms below.

As mentioned previously sound insulation is particularly important for the elderly who may find it difficult to filter out unwanted noise so having a sound absorptive material, such as carpet on the floors, can help with noise being transmitted through all levels of a home.

Easy to Clean

The yarns used within a Danfloor carpet are engineered to be soil and stain repellent and many of our collections come with an antimicrobial coating, which not only provides defence against harmful bacteria and viruses but helps to keep carpets clean and mould free.

Our carpets are made from synthetic fibres which do not encourage the growth of mould, which is one of the major causes of odour issues in carpets. In addition to this and as mentioned in one of our previous blog posts this week, carpets also help with indoor air quality, by trapping and retaining dust particles so they don’t circulate into the breathing zone and cause problems for those with respiratory problems. So, this is yet another good reason to have carpets within communal lounge areas.

Visit our Healthcare Collection to find out more.

Thanks to Victoria Gibbs for Pictures of Porthaven's Upton Mill Care home Interior Designed by The Care Home Interiors Company and Suzie Harding for the image of MHA's Montpellier Manor.


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