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With information and material being accessed online now more than ever before, we thought it was the ideal time to review and implement some website updates to make sure everything you need can be easily found.

The structure of the new site has been built and we are now at the stage of updating the content. Some of the areas where you will see our website updates include:

  • Sector and Features pages - More relevant information is included within these pages that effortlessly build as you scroll, allowing you to explore the benefits of our products and download relevant documents more easily.
  • Gallery - Our online gallery will now include details about the products and colours shown within each image
  • Colour Swatches - To keep up to date with screen resolutions all our carpet colours are now shown in high resolution.
  • Design Sections - Since researching, writing and launching our CPD presentations we have gathered evidence and information about the suitability of our carpets for many market sectors and much of this information can now be viewed via our Design section
  • Sustainability - More accessible information and useful guides about what we are doing to minimise our impact on the environment
  • CPD - Want to view our informative presentations? Our RIBA approved video presentations will be available via our website.
  • Product Enquiry - New to our range of carpets and like what you see? Send us a direct message requesting further information.


Stay tuned into our social media channels for news about when these new sections will be going live.


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