The Benefits of Sustainable Carpets

At danfloor we understand the benefits of designing and manufacturing sustainable carpets with high-performance characteristics.

Sustainable carpets are essential, not just so that you can successfully work towards buildings which comply with the necessary green standards, but also so we can be confident in the fact that the production of our carpet collections has a positive effect on our environment.

The sustainable carpet yarns used to manufacture our ranges include Aquafil's ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon fibre and a number of wool-based products.

So what are the benefits of the ECONYL® yarn?


The ECONYL® nylon yarn used to create a number of our ranges, including the ECONOMIX and EVOLUTION Collection, contributes to the integrity and resilience of the carpets and goes a long way in determining their overall performance.

the ECONYL® yarn is 100% regenerated and infinitely regenerable as it is made with regenerated nylon fibres, including pre and post-industrial and consumer waste.

Due to the molecular structure and composition of the nylon 6 fibre, these sustainable carpets are able to deliver the following performance features:

Class 33 heavy-commercial use certification - This is the highest wear classification awarded to carpets, which means that carpets made from the fibre can be used within busy commercial environments.

Colour fast solution-dyed fibres - This means the colour runs throughout the yarn and doesn't just sit on the surface of the fibres. This means that harsh cleaning chemicals, including those that contain bleach, can be used on the carpets without the fear of them losing their colour or appearance over time.

Soil and stain resistant fibres - The composition of the yarn means that soil particles find it hard to adhere to the surface of the carpet fibres. Therefore when soiling does occur it can be easily removed via regular vacuuming.

Spill safe impervious membrane - The fibres are sewn into a primary backing which sits on top of an impervious layer. This means that any liquid spills which happen on the carpet stay on the surface of the carpet until they are cleaned away. When a spillage occurs on carpets without a proven impervious membrane the liquid will seep through the carpet to the subfloor underneath and this is one of the biggest causes of carpet odours and cross-contamination issues.

10-15 year wear warranty - As a result of all these fantastic performance features, danfloor are confident in the fact that they can offer you a 10-15 year wear warranty on all carpets manufactured using the ECONYL® fibre. The length of the warranty is dependent upon application.

What benefits do Wool Carpets have to offer?


Wool is strong, static resistant and soft to touch. The 80/20 wool mix fibre used to manufacture our wool ranges has a number of benefits that make it ideal for use in busy commercial environments including:

Strong and Resilient - Wool carpet provides superior performance, unique resilience and long-lasting durability.

Easy Care - Wool has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils and the outer surface of microscopic scales.

Soft and Warm - Wool carpets act as an insulator improving heat retention and energy efficiency. They also absorb sound and reduce sound reverberation as well as any specialist acoustic aid.

Fire Retardent - Wool is naturally fire retardant and has a slow ignition rate. It also has self-extinguishing properties making it ideal for contract locations.

Anti-Allergy - The minute scales on the fibre’s surface will hold airborne particles until vacuumed away. This helps to improve indoor air quality as it stops the small particles from circulating into the breathing zone when air passes over the surface of the floor.

Natural and Sustainable - Wool is 100% natural, fully sustainable and biodegradable.

Our Ranges

If the benefits of a sustainable fibre have interested you take a look at the products which are manufactured by these high performance and environmentally conscious yarns:


Download our brief guide to our sustainable carpets


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