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Dementia and Hallucinations

There’s known to be a link between living with dementia and hallucinations and for those that experience such episodes, it can sometimes be scary and unsettling. Hallucinations are usually suffered in the middle or later stages of dementia, and can be more common in Lewy Body and Parkinson’s dementia, but can also happen in Alzheimer’s…

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The Importance of Acoustic Design within Healthcare

Unwanted sounds and noise can have a negative effect on someone who is living with hearing, cognitive and physiological conditions. Therefore acoustic design principals are a key consideration within healthcare design. Residential homes and mental health facilities can be busy places, both during the day and night, and when an environment is noisy it can…

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A Closer Look at the Healthcare Carpet Collections

We have been manufacturing healthcare carpet for over 40 years and due to our detailed research and development, we’ve engineered our carpets so they are compatible with all the demands of a care environment. So, let’s take a look a 3 of the healthcare carpet collections and their key features: The Equinox Collection This is…

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