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Stunning and Sustainable New Concept

New Design Concepts

Last month we started trialling some new design concepts featuring what we like to call a lustre yarn. The yarn, which has a beautiful shine to it, is made from the 100% regenerated and infinitely regenerable ECONYL® nylon yarn. Therefore it not only provides a stunning finish but offers exceptional performance features and excellent environmental credentials.

Our first design concept tufted an ochre-coloured yarn with our organic Forest range from the Evolution Collection. The lustre yarn was used for the slightly distressed leaf effect, which ultimately creates a luxurious look and finish.

We received some really positive responses from our social media channels and this has encouraged us to look at other colour combinations of the lustre and base yarns as well as some other design concepts. Although they are still only concepts, we hope to share these with you soon, along with news as to when you can place an order for this beautiful range of carpets.


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