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Introducing the New Equinox Evolve

Equinox Evolve has now officially joined the award winning Equinox Collection and is offering an alternative subtle, yet elegant design, which compliments the overall Collection.

At launch Evolve will offer 13 colours which are a combination of the most popular colours from Equinox Tones and will also see the introduction of some new on trend colours including a petrol blue.

Evolve is made from the same yarn as the rest of the Equinox Collection, which has natural soil and stain resistant properties and includes danfloor’s innovative impervious membrane and the Meadical I-Links antimicrobial yarn coating.

This new tufting technology is providing danfloor with the opportunity to bring to market revolutionary new designs. Danfloor will be the first in the UK market to combine detailed patterned designs with tufting technology and with the addition of all their usual innovative performance features Evolve will be ideal for the demands of the care sector, and provide an alternative flooring option to what is currently available on the market.


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