Importance of Carpets in Reception Areas of Care Homes

First impressions are extremely important, especially when it comes to selecting a care home, and the Reception Area Carpet can play a key role in creating that WOW Factor.

In 2019 LaingBuisson reported that 45% of care home residents were fully self-funded meaning the expectations of residents and their families for the standards of accommodation have evolved. They now expect a higher standard, seeking a style and finish which is more accustomed to a high-end hotel.

With this in mind, interior designers are playing a key role in the development and refurbishment of Residential Care Homes to ensure they achieve a look and feel that will create that “Wow” factor and therefore attract the fee-paying resident, but also compliment the needs of those that will live within the care setting.

Whatever term you like to use whether it's the Reception area, Front of house or the Lobby, this is the first part of a care home you will encounter. This area will help form those all-important first impressions; is the home warm and welcoming, does it appear fresh and clean, could you see yourself or your loved one living here?


Products that are selected for Reception areas not only have to achieve that WOW Factor, but have to be durable, due to the high levels of footfall, and easy to maintain.

Having touched on the point of cleanability I think it’s important to remember that finishing products for care homes shouldn’t appear too clinical or sterile as this is ultimately someone’s home. They need to strike that perfect balance of being warm, comfortable and welcoming to residents and their families as well as helping to maintain a healthy and therapeutic environment.

A carpet from danfloor’s Evolution Collection is the ideal choice for Reception areas as it ticks all the boxes. The variety of designs available will create that WOW Factor, and as this range is made from the Econyl Nylon fibre, which is a recycled yarn, it is extremely hardwearing as well.

The fibres, plus the impervious membrane, make this range extremely hardwearing. The structure of the fibre also helps to minimise the effects of any visual soiling and make the carpets easy to clean.

Using this range creatively can also produce a truly stunning Reception for any care home and will help create those very important first impressions. The image below, provided by Catalyst, is from Sanders Senior Living's Greysford Hall and is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with Glaze form the Evolution Collection

Glaze lounge area


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