Bre Certification

The BRE Environmental Assessment Method is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. BRE Certification sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design and has become the de facto measure used to describe a building’s environmental performance.

BRE Certification gives you confidence that products and services will perform as expected. It ensures that they meet - and continue to meet - appropriate standards, through a combination of regular company audits and a schedule of ongoing tests.

Our Green Guide Ratings can be reviewed on the Green Book Live

Our carpets have been assessed for use within the categories of Domestic, Healthcare and Education:

Specification Element Number Building Assessed Service Life Ecopoint Score Green Guide Rating Certified

(Certificate No.511)

1821570051 Domestic 10 0.376 A
Healthcare 10 0.373 A+
Education 10 0.373 A
Retail (durability) 10 0.373 A
Equinox Evolve

(Certificate No.511)

1821570053 Domestic 10 0.388 A
Healthcare 10 0.385 A
Education 10 0.385 A
Equinox Tones

(Certificate No.511)

1821570054 Domestic 10 0.379 A
Healthcare 10 0.376 A+
Education 10 0.376 A
Equinox Stripe

(Certificate No.511)

1821570052 Domestic 10 0.375 A
Healthcare 10 0.372 A+
Education 10 0.372 A
Evolution Collection

(Certificate No.511)

1821570056 Domestic 10 0.351 A
Office 10 0.348 A
Healthcare 10 0.348 A+
Education 10 0.348 A

(Certificate No.511)

1821570055 Domestic 10 0.298 A
Office 10 0.295 A
Healthcare 10 0.295 A+
Education 10 0.295 A+


BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It recognises and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction to in-use and refurbishment.

BREEAM does this through third-party certification of the assessment of an asset’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance, using standards developed by BRE. This means BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them, help protect natural resources and make for more attractive property investments.


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