Education – The Optimum Learning and Living Environments

Why is selecting the correct education flooring so important? Well, the Sustainable Campus Report 2020 prepared by the Higher Education Design Quality Forum stated that the quality of the internal environment plays an important role within the remit of sustainable development.

Throughout their survey, students responded with a high awareness of internal environmental quality (IEQ) factors. The large majority agreed that more comfortable temperatures, better air quality, better acoustics and natural daylighting would improve conditions across campus buildings, both academic and residential.

When considering products and materials to facilitate quality design within education facilities, elements such as durability, comfort and performance reach the top of the specification list. By considering a flooring solution that is engineered to meet the demands of the education sector, it can bring many benefits to the learning and living facilities and ticks many of the student requests for improved conditions.

So here are some important facts to consider

  1. 43% of students are turning down a university or discounting it from their options based on the perception of the quality of the estate; its buildings, facilities and location. Can you afford not to consider updates to your facilities?
  2. 33% of students ranked learning, teaching and library facilities as the single most important university facility, so creating comfortable environments in these locations is very important.
  3. Noise affects concentration, comprehension, rest and relaxation. Did you know carpet has a unique ability to reduce sound impact levels and research suggests that it is 10 times more efficient in reducing noise compared to other flooring options? Is carpet in your consideration list for flooring options? If not then maybe it should be.
  4. Are you looking to be more energy efficient? Did you know that carpet acts as a thermal insulator, improves energy consumption and has low heat conduction? It is estimated that energy savings of between 8-13% can be achieved with the installation of carpet and as a consequence, a reduction in energy cost can be experienced.
  5. Are you looking to save money across your facilities? A proper life cycle analysis is key to proving that carpet is more cost-effective than other hard flooring solutions on the market. A report entitled “Life cycle cost analysis for floor coverings in school facilities” prepared by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification found that carpet could be 65% less expensive to maintain than hard surface flooring.


Read more about the benefits that carpets can bring to education and boarding facilities in our handy guide.

View our collection of Education Carpets.

Download the full Sustainable Campus Report report to access more information.


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