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DAYLodge Features Equinox Tones

The COVID 19 pandemic has made us stop and think about how we go about “normal” life in a way that is safe and protects those around us who are vulnerable.

As a result, being able to see family and friends has been difficult this year and we’ve all felt the effects. However, for those living within a residential care setting seeing family and friends safely has been more of a challenge resulting in many residents not being able to see their relatives for months on end. This is why Edison & Day responded quickly to this dilemma and launched the innovative DAYLodge.

The DAYLodge is designed to create a safe space for vulnerable residents to meet their families and friends without putting each other at risk of spreading Coronavirus.

This ready-furnished, pre-fabricated Lodge can be installed quickly and easily, provides a comfortable, familiar space for visitation, and has a multitude of options for future uses once normal visiting returns.

Danfloor’s Equinox Tones in colour Mushroom was selected for the DAYLodge. The range not only offers comfort and warmth underfoot for this exterior building but helps with infection control concerns due to the BI-OME antimicrobial yarn treatment.

Cleaning and infection control are key considerations of the DAYLodge. During the pandemic, there have been many extra demands being put on care home staff. Additional cleaning can just add to the pressure they’re already feeling. The DAYLodge includes an Automatic Sanitisation System, which means the adjoining room that are separated by a glass panel, can be fully-sanitised at the end of each visit, simply by pressing a button. Making the lodge safe for the next resident and their family to enjoy.

Edison & Day's innovative product is the ideal solution to bring families together at this time and danfloor are proud to be included within the attractive and fit for purpose interior design scheme.


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