Education Carpet

Sherborne Girls School

In 2017 Sherborne Girls mapped out their strategic direction for the following 5 years, which included a space audit and improvement plan to ensure that all buildings and facilities would be brought up to a consistently high level.


Since 2006 the school has seen significant investment in buildings and major refurbishment work, with one of the most recent and largest developments undertaken in decades being the construction of the new Arts Centre.

With one of the school’s core philosophies that creativity and performance add immeasurably to education and to life, the aim was to give the school’s creative arts department the facilities they deserve, at the very heart of the school.

Included within the development was the creation of a beautiful new performance auditorium with the installation of a bespoke retractable seating platform and small practice suites, all requiring material which would minimise sound impact whilst honouring the acoustical creations.


Sarah Lyall of Sarah Lyall Interiors had previously been introduced to our Nordform Collection and could see the benefits of the flat-woven carpets for this project.

Two colourways from the Classic XL range were selected for the practice rooms and the steps for the auditorium’s retractable seating platform. The loop pile structure and backing provide a class 33 wear classification, which equates to heavy commercial use, providing the school with longevity for its flooring solution.

The carpet was required not just for aesthetic purposes but also to assist with acoustics and indoor air quality, and with Classic XL’s proven track record this would be easily achieved.

The Nordform range is an authentic collection of Scandinavian style carpets which is ideal for use within the education sector.


Upon installation, the school has seen many benefits from the specification of Classic XL. Notably, the building offers a modern and state-of-the-art performance facility but in addition, the durability, appearance retention and cleanability of the carpets have ensured that the product continues to look like new.

The Classic XL Collection has achieved the Eurofins Gold Certificate for indoor air quality, which verifies that it has exceptionally low emissions and contributes to a healthy indoor environment; which is a benefit for all students, staff and audience members.

In summary, the Classic XL offers the following key features:

  • Extreme durability – Certified to British standard classification 33 “Heavy Commercial Use” enables Classic XL to withstand high volumes of foot and wheeled traffic and intense commercial cleaning.
  • Appearance Retention – Manufactured with the Antron polyamide 6.6 Nylon fibre provides the carpet with exceptional durability and appearance retention even after commercial cleaning methods.
  • Various backing types – The Classic XL is available in two backings which provides versatility for your installation.
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