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Millfield’s outstanding facilities create an extraordinary campus which has inspired generations of pupils to immerse themselves in academic study, culture and sport to express their intellectual, creative and physical potential.


Millfield’s master plan sets out its vision for campus development under 7 key themes; one of which focuses on its commitment to enhance and develop high-quality boarding and day pupil accommodation.

As a result, Millfield has recently refurbished a number of its boarding facilities. With the aim of creating homely yet functional communal spaces Millfield sort to specify products that would have outstanding performance features but also create that domestic home from home feeling for the children.

With a large number of students using the communal spaces and corridors on a daily basis, the flooring, in particular, needed to be easy to maintain and clean, but also help to minimise any sound impact on other areas of the boarding facility where the boarders could be studying or resting.


With Sarah Lyall of Sarah Lyall Interiors involved with the interior design she immediately turned to danfloor’s product range. With a large proportion of the carpet being for day spaces, communal areas and corridors she needed to turn to an exceptionally hard-wearing collection and specified a number of ranges from the Nylon collection Evolution, in addition to Equinox Tones for the bedrooms.

Basing her designs on three key schemes she selected two base colours from Evolution for the communal areas and corridors and coordinated these carpets with a number of colours from Equinox Tones, including Sky, Modern Grey and Mushroom for the bedrooms.

The colours selected for the common rooms, day spaces and corridors would inevitably help with the visual signs of day to day soiling. In addition to this, the yarn used in the construction of the Evolution collection helps to minimise soil adhesion so the carpets also assist with regular and thorough cleaning regimes.

The colours selected for the common rooms, day spaces and corridors would inevitably help with the visual signs of day to day soiling.


The variety of danfloor carpets selected throughout the Boarding Houses provides a range of impressive performance features including sound absorption levels that far exceed British Standard requirements, and the use of quality yarns that will help the carpets maintain their beautiful appearance even with regular
footfall and intense cleaning.

By using a combination of Equinox Tones and the Evolution Collection these Boarding Houses benefit from the following performance features:

  • Extreme durability – The Evolution Collection is certified to British Standard classification 33 “Heavy Commercial Use” enabling the carpets to withstand high volumes of foot and wheeled traffic and intense commercial cleaning.
  • Appearance Retention – Manufactured using solution-dyed Nylon and Polypropylene yarns, both the Evolution Collection and Equinox Tones range offer a locked-in colourfast system which ensures superior colour and light-fastness even when subject to harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Spill safe – All of the selected carpets have an integral protective membrane, preventing liquid spills from penetrating through the subfloor and reducing contamination, fungal growth and unpleasant odours.
  • Antimicrobial yarn treatment – The Equinox Tones range has been developed to include Bi-Ome®, an innovative antimicrobial treatment which is designed to kill harmful bacteria including those that can cause MRSA and E-coli.
  • Naturally Sound absorbent – danfloor carpets have great sound absorption qualities, achieving in excess of 27dB reduction in sound impact levels, which helps to create an ideal living and learning environment for the students.
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