Lambwood Heights

Oakland Care creates comfortable living that promotes individuality. Their personalised and high-quality care plans, five-star environment and fulfilling activities programme are designed to enhance each and every day, so residents can live life to the full.


The aim of Lambwood Heights is to provide five-star accommodation combined with the highest standards of personalised residential, nursing, dementia and respite care in the heart of Chigwell.

Oakland Care have the philosophy ‘Live, Love and Be Loved’, which not only applies to their bespoke personal care plans but to the state-of-the-art environment in which their residents live. Whilst keeping the development homely Oakland wanted to create a real sense of community spirt throughout the development and nurture resident’s independence.


With the 73 bed home having a specialist dementia floor the design principals applied by Interior Designer, Jacqueline Farguson had to accommodate the needs of all the residents, whilst maintaining that important sense of luxury. To help with maintaining an acoustically sound environment carpets were selected for all the corridors, lounge areas and bedrooms.

The beautiful Glaze range from the Evolution Collection was called upon for the corridors and lounges throughout the majority of the home. With the bedrooms and dementia floor utilising the plains of Equinox Tones to provide a range with a tonal finish, which for those living with dementia, is not at all distracting to the eye. All of the colours selected work exceptionally well with the interior design schemes to complete this five-star accommodation.

With the bedrooms and dementia floor utilising the plains of Equinox Tones to provide a range with a tonal finish, which for those living with dementia, is not at all distracting to the eye


The look and feel of this home certainly does provide a high-end finish whilst maintaining that homely feeling. The design and construction of Danfloor’s carpet collection means that the flooring solution will maintain its functionality and help to provide a therapeutic environment for all residents. Some of the carpet features include:

  • Extreme durability– The Evolution Collection is certified to British Standard classification 33 “Heavy Commercial Use” enabling it to withstand high volumes of foot and wheeled traffic and intense commercial cleaning. Making the ranges ideal for corridors and communal areas.
  • Appearance Retention– Manufactured using solution dyed Nylon and Polypropylene yarns, both the Evolution and Equinox Collection offer a locked in colourfast system which ensures superior colour and light-fastness even when subject to harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Spill safe– All of the selected carpets have an integral protective membrane, preventing liquid spills penetrating through to the sub floor, reducing contamination, fungal growth and unpleasant odours.
  • Antimicrobial yarn treatment– Both of the Collections have been developed to include Bi-Ome®, an innovative antimicrobial treatment which is designed to kill harmful bacteria including those that can cause MRSA and E-coli.
  • Naturally Sound absorbent– danfloor carpets have great sound absorption qualities, achieving in excess of 28dB reduction in sound impact levels, which helps to create a “therapeutic environment” in which people can relax and communicate effectively.
  • DSDC Approved Colours – Stirling University have reviewed a number of our ranges and have awarded all colours from Equinox Tones either a 1a, use indiscriminately throughout a home or 1b, can be used throughout a dementia inclusive environment.
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