King's Court

King’s Court is Kingsley Healthcare’s flagship nursing home, set in Holt Norfolk, it prioritises resident wellbeing via its thoughtful design.


King’s Court is the embodiment of elegance and luxury living, offering an unparalleled blend of superb facilities and first-class care. Within its welcoming environment, residents thrive as part of a vibrant community, where they enjoy both the support of exceptional care and the freedom to maintain their independence.

Kingsley Healthcare embarked on a mission to create a residence that mirrors the amenities and services of a luxury hotel, featuring premium, superior, and deluxe bedrooms alongside personal touches reminiscent of home.

To realise this vision, they enlisted the expertise of renowned Interior Designer Jacqui Smiths of Homesmiths to furnish the 66 bedrooms and expansive living spaces.


Jacqui collaborated with danfloor for the flooring needs of the home. While Kingsley had previously favoured carpets primarily in lounges and bedrooms, they opted to extend their use to corridors for the first time.

Following consultations with Jacqui they chose to install several danfloor ranges, including Equinox Tones and Connect, along with Evolution’s Origin and Scape.

The snug area, adjacent to the main reception, beautifully demonstrates how Equinox Connect can harmonise with Equinox Tones to create a striking border effect. Combining the floor design with the rest of the interior elements accentuates the prestigious ambience of the home.

The snug area, adjacent to the main reception, beautifully demonstrates how Equinox Connect can harmonise with Equinox Tones to create a striking border effect


Kingsley takes great pride in the overall exquisite appearance and atmosphere of the home. They have particularly observed a significant enhancement in the internal ambience resulting from the installation of carpets in the corridor areas.

In addition to this, the danfloor collections also offer the following key features:

• Extreme durability – The Evolution Collection boasts certification to British Standard classification 33, signifying its resilience for “Heavy Commercial Use.” This accreditation ensures its capability to endure substantial foot and wheeled traffic, as well as withstand rigorous commercial cleaning procedures.
• Antimicrobial yarn treatment – Both the Equinox and the Evolution Collections feature Bi-Ome®, an advanced permanent antimicrobial treatment specifically crafted to eliminate harmful bacteria, including those responsible for infections such as MRSA and C. Diff.
• Spill safe – All of the selected carpets have an integral protective membrane, preventing liquid spills from penetrating through to the subfloor, reducing contamination, fungal growth, and unpleasant odours.
• Naturally Sound absorbent – Danfloor carpets exhibit excellent sound absorption characteristics, surpassing a 28dB reduction in sound impact levels. This contributes to the establishment of a “therapeutic environment,” fostering relaxation and effective communication for individuals within the space.
• Appearance Retention – Crafted from solution-dyed Nylon and Polypropylene yarns, the Evolution and Equinox Collections present a colourfast system that locks in vibrant hues. This ensures exceptional colour and light-fastness, maintaining their brilliance even when exposed to rigorous cleaning chemicals.
• Reduction in fall injuries – In contrast to hard surface floors, carpeting has been shown to decrease injuries resulting from trips and falls. Research indicates that older individuals exhibit greater gait speed and step length when walking on carpeted surfaces compared to vinyl.

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