danfloor offer a number of BRE rated products under the BREEAM scheme. Within the scheme, there are a number of categories of environmental suitability with minimum standards a building must meet to ensure it is compliant with key BREEAM objectives.

In order to obtain a higher score and therefore a higher overall rating, additional credits can be sought. The information within this section will help to provide you with documentation and evidence to apply for additional credits.

If you require any specific information about our BRE rated products or gaining additional credits please do not hesitate to contact our Head Office or your Area Sales Manager.

Man 05 Life Cycle Cost and Service Life Planning - Management

This objective is all about Life Cycle Cost Analysis and offers up to 3 credits. A number of factors have to be proven in order to demonstrate compliance with Man 05. One of which is that you have been seen to be reducing maintenance requirements, frequency and replacement intervals.

Our Prism fibre which is used to produce our Equinox Collection has a unique cross-section that results in a rigid fibre that blocks soiling particles from sticking to the surface of the carpet, therefore, reducing soil adherence and assisting with the removal of dirt.

Another feature we include on a number of our carpets to help with cleaning and maintenance is BI-OME® a revolutionary coating on our carpet fibres that guarantees optimum freshness and hygiene for textiles even after intensive use and frequent commercial cleaning. BI-OME® is a non-migrating antimicrobial coating on the carpet fibres which kills the micro-organisms when they come into contact with the fibre. BI-OME® doesn’t lose strength over time and creates an environment to which microorganisms can’t adapt.

Man 03 Construction Site Impacts - Management

One credit can be gained under the transportation of construction materials and waste.

There are many tools online that can help you calculate, monitor and record data on transport resulting from delivery of carpet from our warehouse in Bristol to your site location. Google Maps can help with such calculations. Please use the following postcode for our Bristol Head office BS16 7FG.

Man 04 Stakeholder Participation - Management

One credit can be gained from collating and providing a Building User Guide that is appropriate to all users of a building.

Our comprehensive Installation Guide and Cleaning and Maintenance Guide can be included within your Building User Guide to help you gain this one credit.

Hea 01 Visual Comfort - Health and Wellbeing

The number of credits available under Hea 01 is dependent upon the building type.

The one aspect of this element that we can assist with is providing you with the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of our carpets.

For the majority of our ranges, this information can be found under the image of the carpet colour on our site. You can also view our LRV Guide which is available in our downloads section.

Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality - Health and Wellbeing

Following a series of rigorous tests, our Equinox collection has been awarded Gold for Indoor Air Quality. This classification has been awarded by Eurofins product testing and ensures that both our factory production and products themselves have low product emissions. This is a sign of danfloor’s focus on quality and contribution to a healthy indoor environment. Certification for each product is available upon request.

Air quality within the home, especially within the care sector, or workplace is a critical factor to health and wellbeing. At danfloor, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials to manufacture our products and again it gives you the confidence that you are selecting a quality product for your projects.