A Closer Look at the Healthcare Carpet Collections

We have been manufacturing healthcare carpet for over 40 years and due to our detailed research and development, we’ve engineered our carpets so they are compatible with all the demands of a care environment.

So, let’s take a look a 3 of the healthcare carpet collections and their key features:

The Equinox Collection

healthcare carpetThis is one of our founding healthcare carpet ranges, which has developed and grown over the years. The original Equinox range has expanded to include the popular Equinox Tones, Stripe and more recently Evolve ranges. All of the ranges have outstanding performance features and include the following benefits:

Solution-dyed yarns – When a yarn fibre is solution-dyed it means the colour is added to the liquid state of the fibre components before the fibre is produced. This means the colour runs throughout the fibre, unlike other dying and printing methods where the colour just sits on the top of the fibre. Solution-dyed yarns result in a carpet that can withstand commercial cleaning agents, including those with bleaching elements, without the loss of colour or appearance.

Impervious membrane - With a carpet that has an impervious membrane it prevents any liquids passing through the carpet, making spillages quick and easy to remove. Also, it allows for wet cleaning procedures to be introduced within the cleaning and maintenance schedule, helping to prolong the life of the carpet. With conventional carpets, if a liquid is spilt it will typically seep through to the floor below which can cause bacterial and fungal growth and potentially lead to odours and corrosion of the carpet backing or subfloor.

Antimicrobial yarn treatment – The BI-OME innovative antimicrobial treatment is designed to kill harmful bacteria including those that can cause MRSA and E-coli. BI-OME achieves a 99.99% (4 Log) reduction in many diverse organisms including bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae that are found wherever moisture, temperature and food sources allow. Some of these organisms are beneficial and a natural part of our environment. Others can cause serious problems including deterioration, defacement, rotting, surface degradation, staining and health problems ranging from simple discomfort to physical irritation, allergic sensitisation, toxic responses and infection.

DSDC Product Accreditationhealthcare flooringStirling University’s Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) have undertaken a review of the carpets and have rated the design of the product with the DSDC dementia design principles and their usability within dementia-inclusive environments.

We are pleased to announce that the majority of colours from the Equinox, Tones and Evolve ranges have been accredited with ratings ranging from 1a, use indiscriminately and 1b, which means they can be used throughout. A few more patterned colours have received a rating of 2, which are still considered suitable for dementia inclusive environments but must be used with some caution.

BRE Rated product – The Equinox Collection comes with full BRE Certification offering Green Guide ratings ranging from A to A+. BRE Certification gives you confidence that our carpets and services will perform as expected. It ensures they meet and continue to meet appropriate standards through a combination of regular company audits and a schedule of ongoing tests, whilst providing independent verification for the work undertaken to enhance the environmental credentials of our products.

Sound absorption - Carpet is naturally an outstanding sound absorptive material. No other acoustical material performs the dual role of a floor covering and a versatile acoustical aid. A carpet which is manufactured for such a demanding environment can absorb airborne noise as efficiently as many specialized acoustical materials.

UK building regulations state that floor coverings should have a weighted reduction of not less than 17 dB. Many flooring options fall well below the 17 dB required, some achieving as little as 2 or 3 dB. Carpets generally exceed the British Standard and achieve more than 28 dB, but you must check product specifications to ensure the flooring you are selecting meets or better exceeds current British Standards.

Yarn height and pile composition – For carpets that are used within the care sector we recommend a trilobal yarn with its light refraction properties that helps to defuse any visual signs of soiling. We also recommend that the pile height should be no greater than 5mm to allow the use of walking aids, trolleys and shuffling. The total pile weight should exceed 1000 grams per metre square and the pile density should be greater than 180,000 tufts. Finding a combination of all these factors will provide you with a carpet that will perform, and last in such demanding environments.

The Economix Range

Recycled CarpetThe Economix range became our first popular nylon range to enter the healthcare carpet collection. Economix provides an extremely hardwearing and durable flooring solution for any busy care or commercial environment.

Class 33 Heavy commercial Use – Due to the fibres and manufacturing techniques of the Economix range, it achieves a Classification 33 which means it’s suitable and will withstand the demands of commercial environments and heavy footfall. The range offers up to a 15-year wear guarantee depending upon the application.

Recycled Yarn - The ECONOMIX range is made from Aquafil’s ECONYL® solution-dyed nylon yarn which is made from recycled and regenerated materials like discarded fishing nets and other waste nylon, making the range 100% regenerated and infinitely regenerable.

Antimicrobial – The Economix range also includes our innovative antimicrobial yarn coating BI-OME. This permanent yarn coating is an effective first line of defence against body fluid spills which may contain harmful bacteria, achieving a 99.99% (4 log) reduction in the micro-organisms that can cause MRSA and C-Diff. Making Economix a perfect addition to the Healthcare Carpet collection.

Impervious membrane – The Economix range is manufactured with our Textile Impervious backing making is fully impervious to all spilt liquid and allows for the use of wet cleaning methods.

BRE Certified – The Economix Collection also has full BRE Certification offering Green Guide ratings ranging from A to A+ dependent upon application.

DSDC Approved – The tonal nature of the Economix ranges means that Stirling University’s Dementia Services Development Centre have awarded the entire range a 1A which means the collection can be used indiscriminately throughout a dementia inclusive environment.

Sound absorption – Economix achieves a 28 dB sound absorption rating meaning it far exceeds the current British Standards for a floor covering within a communal environment.

The Evolution Collection
care home flooring

Our most recent addition to the Healthcare carpet collection is the stunning Evolution Collection, which is a patterned range of nylon carpets offering the care sector a more decorative flooring option.
Due to the fact it uses the same yarn and backing as the Economix range, it carries the same innovative performance features and in addition to this as it incorporates a number of the same colours as Economix the patterns of Evolution can be used alongside the Economix range to produce a co-ordinated flooring solution.

Lead Image supplied by Dormy Care Featuring Brockington House


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